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Remote Instruction

Just because you can't come into see us face to face doesn't mean you should miss out on getting better. 

Video Evaluations

Send in video for a review and  explanation of your mechanics 

Personalized Workouts

Receive a personal workout plan customized to fit your needs and goals 

Video Conferences

Video conference with instructors for demonstrations of technique and drills

Access to Training library

Gain access to our library of video training tools with more videos addded weekly


We have packages to cover everyone at all levels of play. Whether you are new to the game and just want a good training base to start from or a veteran ball player looking to accelerate improvement and add an edge to your training we have you covered.


Answers to some questions you might have 

Q: What should I do after I sign up?

           A: Just sit tight one of our instructors will reach out to your via email you used to sign up within 1-2 business days.

Q: How do I send in videos?

           A: Each instructor will have their preferred method of receiving videos for evaluation. They will work with you to figure out what works best for both parties.

Q:What should the video look like?

           A: Unless the instructor has specifically asked a drill to be filmed from a specific angle you should film from the open side of the athlete (camera and ball player facing each other pre rep) 

Q: How many reps should be included?

          A: Unless the instructor has specified the number of reps that they would like to see you should shoot for 6-8 continuous quality reps. Quality does not mean good hits we want to see the good along with the ugly. It simply means clear and focused.

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