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PIck Your Package

  • One Time Swing Eval

    For those who just need a quick adjustment
    Valid for one week
    • One time hitting/pitching video breakdown and evaluation
    • 2-3 suggested drills specific to the players needs
  • Single

    Every month
    Perfect for youth or those new to the game
    • Access to training library
    • 3 video evaluations a month
    • 3-4 suggested player specific drills
  • Double

    Every month
    Players ready for a more complete approach to training
    • Access to training library
    • 5 video evaluations a month
    • Basic 7 day workout plan including player specific drills
  • Best Value


    Every month
    Players committed to taking their game to the next level
    • Access to training library
    • 6 video evaluations a month
    • Advanced 7 day workout plan
    • Two 30 min video conferences a month
  • Homerun

    Every month
    Only those who eat, live, and breath playing ball
    • Access to training library
    • 10 video evaluations a month
    • Complete athlete training plan
    • Four 30 min video conferences a month
    • Custom drill demonstrations included in each eval
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