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We do more than just baseball here at Batters Box KC. Choose from 3 different packages or give us a call if you have something specific in mind. Included in each package is a birthday tee-shirt for the birthday boy/girl. We handle all set up and clean up. Also make sure to ask about additional options like custom tee shirts or gift baskets for everybody available for each package. 


To book your birthday today

Call: 816-222-4935 or Email:


Sports package
2 hour

In this birthday package the birthday boy/girl can choose from 2 different sports games that each last 45 min. to be played in the open fielding area. Then we provide 30 min up-stairs for cake and presents. 


Flag Football

Dodge Ball

Whiffle Ball

Capture The Flag

Kick Ball


In this birthday package there are a series of team and individual challenges  lasting 1 hr. The top performers of the challenges receive points after each event. At the end of the activity portion the top performers will receive prizes. Then we provide 30 min up-stairs for cake and presents.

1.5 hour

Blitzball Throws

Relay Obstacles

Dizzy Bat

Tug of War

And More

1.5 hour

This package is for those looking to just play around have a good time. We provide activities for the first hour and then 30 min for  cake and presents up stairs.

Carnival Games

Freeze Tag


And More

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