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Hitting league details

  • Games will be 3 innings each

  • Teams will consist of 4 players per team. If a team chooses to have 3 hitters and 1 pitcher, that pitcher will throw every week

  • Target areas will be labeled on the cage nets to determine hits (Single, Double, Triple, Homerun)

  • Ghost runners will advance only by being forced to the next base

  • Walks and Hit By Pitch will count as an at-bat with the batter being awarded first base

  • Hitters must wear a batting helmet while in the cage AT ALL TIMES

  • Batters Box KC will assign pitchers based on age group

  • Umpires will be judging balls/strikes/hits/outs. Absolutely NO arguing with umpires, this will result in an automatic out

  • After 4 weeks, teams will be seeded and participate in 2 weeks of playoffs

  • The team who wins the championship at each age group will all receive free Basic Individual Memberships. If a player already has a membership, they will be upgraded to the next highest tier of membership

  • For any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to us any time through our email at or over the phone at (816) 222-4935 during facility hours

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